Friday, August 24, 2007

MAN, I love sketchin'!

I actually love it more than working on my website!
So I better get THAT finished up now...

Friday, August 10, 2007


After cleaning up my apartment a bit, I found my old black sketchbook!

I also revisited the Drawing Club after a five month hiatus. This week's theme was "The Gangster's Girlfriend"

In the meantime, the B-Movie Starlets script continues to gestate. More art next week!

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Post-Con post

First of all, this is a detour for my website, which is undergoing a major overhaul. Thanks for your patience, it'll be back up mid-August.

I'll start with (most of) the Hard 8 guys. Proudly displayed are the movie posters for each of our volume 2 stories.

As usual, the exhibits were amazing. I love being surprised by what shows up.

I sold a bunch of B-Movie Starlets teaser books. Now I'm REALLY cracking the whip to get volume one out by next year. Thanks to everybody who bought a copy!
Here's a Starlets sketch I did in the car on the way to San Diego.

On a side note, I saw 'Wicked' on Tuesday. It was AMAZING!

The Pantages is amazing, too. The intricate architecture had me captivated. I was able to take some pictures outside and in the lobby, but there's no photographs allowed in the house (which was the best part).

So I had to rely on my cafe sketching skills. This is an extremely poor reproduction of the chandelier.

Maybe I can find some pictures somewhere else. I'm SURE I'll need the reference later.
I try to use reference whenever I need it, and magazines can be GREAT sources. Like this Pharaoh bust I used for the Mummy on the Starlets cover.

But there's a problem with magazines: those STUPID little inserts. Diagnose me with OCD, but I have to go through an entire magazine and rip them all out before I can relax and read. This time, I catalogued:

TEN of the little buggers. I ask you: do trees really need to die for THIS?

And lastly, an Audrey sketch from wednesday night.

Now I'm gonna work on the website!