Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steampunk Poker: San Diego Comic-Con booth #1945

Hey all! This is what I've been working tirelessly on for the last few months: Steampunk Poker! It's a complete artistic redesign of a deck of playing cards, all the way down to the smallest detail.

The cards have all been redesigned to reflect Victorian aesthetics, and the face cards all feature unique Jacks, Queens and Kings according to their respective houses. Hearts feature the adventurous types, Clubs represent everyday working stiffs, Diamonds are the posh aristocrats, and Spades are ornately detailed robots. Of course, all members of these houses have a steampunk twist.

As a special treat, I've designed a handful of deluxe boxes to unveil at Comic-Con and sell online thereafter. The deluxe kits include a deck of cards, 25 hand-crafted Steampunk Poker chips, a decorative insert that displays which hand trumps the other, and other decorative elements wrapped up quite fancily inside a finished wooden collector's case.

The deluxe kit contents:

The deluxe kits unopened:

Some gold chips available in the deluxe kit:

Steampunk Poker cards out of the box:

A random sample of some spade cards:

A few of the face cards:

A random hand featuring the queen of robots:

Visit the Rankinstein booth at #1945. We hope to see you there!
I'll post more details after the convention!