Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Generation gap

So I bought a new monitor on Saturday to replace my 17'' boat anchor that fizzled out months ago.
The new monitor is an 18'' LCD flatscreen, and it's NICE. What ISN'T nice is the power strip (circa 1993) and super loud clackety-clack keyboard that it now has to associate with. They just don't mix.

If I get a Mac later, I guess I won't have to bother with clashing components.
It's so nice to have others make coordination choices for me. :P
But here's how I put the new toy to work:

This is a 24x36 movie poster that'll be on display at the Con to promote Hard 8 volume 2's release in January.

More Starlets (colored on an 18'' flatscreen) in a week!


chia said...

Looks like money well spent!

Garrett Shikuma said...

Dammit! I'd kill to have a circa 1993 powerstrip..... Im so jealous....

Oh and the monitor is nice too :)