Monday, January 07, 2008

A photographic update:

Not many people can claim that they get ink done at the laundromat unless they're extremely poor or they're comic book artists (in many cases, both are true). Here's yours truly inking the new index page. If the exploding monster head brought you here, then you've already seen the color version. If not, go to and put your arrow over the fresh part. ...

I'm REALLY picky about my animal drawings, so I haven't got any that are post-worthy. But here's a picture from the LA Zoo of a fanged asian deer. (Yes, those are fangs.)

And finally, the project that's been eating up prime Starlets time: the Hard 8 Gallery show at Nickelodeon. I've been going through all my concept material and original artwork from volumes 1 and 2, wanting DESPERATELY to re-draw some pages. But that would be cheating. :P
On a side note, get to Aaron Brothers and pick up some frames! The sale ends soon!

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