Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dr. Sketchy

I tried out a new life drawing venue on Sunday.

Quote: "Dr. Sketchy's is what happens when burlesque meets art school."

The session started late because the time slot was double-booked, so everybody did one minute warm-up sketches in the parking lot outside. When I showed up and saw artists sketching a burlesque dancer posing on the curb, I had a newfound appreciation for artistic courage.
Once inside, we listened to hobo bluegrass music followed immediately by a Megadeth medley. Not sure if my drawings are better or worse for it.

I was feeling inspired Monday morning so I went cafe sketching.
My skillz are rusty, so I'm going to do at least one of these every weekend.

The family in the background was adorable. I understand why folks enjoy people-watching so much.
But it always bugs when people change their behavior because they know you're drawing them. This guy in the foreground knew exactly what I was up to.
(Maybe I shouldn't have asked him to hold still?)

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