Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Turning a wrench:

With my show being on hiatus for two months, I've been taking some time to clean out the garage and fix up some things. Enjoy this little mechanical distraction from all things art-related:

I bought a cop bike from a public auction a LONG time ago. I ran around with all the police stuff on it (and re-wired the lights to flash - don't tell anyone) but I got bored with the look. So I've been changing it around over the years. It's been off the street for way too long (and my other bike is getting creeped out sharing garage space with a two-wheeled cadaver) so I'm getting the old cruiser back on her feet.

Here's a couple of greasy "before" pics of the carburetors that needed to be rebuilt. After sitting for so long, the gasoline just gelled the soft parts together and I had to replace LOTS of stuff.

Floats and Needles: (could almost be a kid's board game... well, I guess it was mine in a way.)

A tidier "after" pic of nice, clean carbs:

And here's where they go, right behind the engine:

I repainted the tank, fenders and body plastic and I'm pretty pleased with the look so far.

Next steps? Changing out that big-booty seat, headlight and mirrors. Think I'll surf over to ebay for a bit...

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