Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here's a couple sketches out of the moleskine:

Creative use for duct tape #106...

...MacGyvering a pencil holder onto a sketchbook.


Stephanie R. said...

Daaaang That looks really nice. I like the nerdy pocket protector you've got going on :)

Rankinstein said...

Aw, thanks!
I think I'll go steampunk on my next sketchbook.

J. Wood said...

Hey Greg,
That's a nifty pencil holder, I might have to try that out.

Frosty said...

Dude! You have a great style! I was wondering if you ever have done a Darth Vader? I am creating a tribute book to George Lucas called "100 Ways to the Darkside" where I am having 100 hand picked artist create Darth Vader. I would love one for the book in your style. Please let me know if your interested!

Thanks a million

- Josh

Eric "The Gute" Gonzalez said...

Great stuff Grig!