Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fairly Odd Puppies gallery

Wow... what's with all the dust, cobwebs and skeletons wearing Dharma Initiative jumpsuits?

OH YEAH! I haven't updated anything in... a long, long time. But it's all for a good reason - I'm busy working on Codename Hart. Out this summer! More details on THAT later.

But first, here's three pieces I put together for our crew (Fairly Oddparents/Tuff Puppy) art gallery at Nickelodeon.

"Justice ful-filled in Twinkstone"

"Warlock of Fudge Mountain"

"What cost, Cupcake?"

Yay, satire!


Joey F. said...

Hiya! Was looking through your pics and wow...your good! No wonder people pay you for this stuff! I will tell my friends about this and you can find out about what they think... but only if you keep updated

Joey F. said...

hiya! Just started to look at you pics recently and got talent! No wonder people pay you to do this stuff. If you get some people high up there to take an interest in this stuff you would be set for life! I gonna tell a lot of people I know about this site but they will probably only comment if you keep wit the updates.

Tim Robinson said...

Ha ha. I love these.