Monday, June 25, 2012

Next Book!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012! The world was supposed to end, but somehow, we survived! Glad we did, because otherwise, Aluminum Shepherds #1 wouldn't be debuting in booth 1945!

Aluminum Shepherds is a story about a father/daughter contractor team that helps build planets far away in the universe. The father, Blake, had a VERY different life before his daughter Lena arrived, and present circumstances force his secret past to the surface.

 These are a few panels from the 28-page first issue. 

 Headed home after a long day

 Lena and Dad get ready for some dinner

 Small talk during the morning commute

 Lena reporting for rivet duty

 Dad having a rough day in Magma Processing

 Dad having a rougher day in Magma Processing

 Lena in action

Lena abandoned

More art to come as time permits! See you in San Diego!

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