Tuesday, March 18, 2008


There's been a lot going on lately, so I'll just dive right into it:

I went to Sierra Madre on Saturday to visit "Beantown". Had breakfast there and had a relaxing morning. There's live music in the evenings, so I'll definitely be going back! Like my other cafe sketches, I'll be doing the tone work in Photoshop.

"Blues Guitarist" was the theme at Drawing Club last Thursday. The model was great and I was privileged to hear Led Zeppelin (mostly) non-stop. Some might call this torture, but only because I was singing along. These are my better sketches:

And finally, the last page of my "Summer 2007" sketchbook. It's filled up ALREADY! I figured a sunset would be appropriate.

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Kristen Wong said...

Hey there Dr Rankinstein!! ^_^ I really like these figure tonal studies you're doing. Keep up the nice work!

The environments make me want to go out and sketch some more now too!! =)